Did you know that along with our famous beaches and rich cultural background, Portugal is one of the most interesting European destinations for birdwatching? That some of the hundreds of bird species found in Portugal are endangered or endemic, and many are characteristic of Mediterranean or Macaronesian habitats? Discover birdwatching, and all that Nature has to offer you.

In October, Sagres has it all. From Bonelli's and Short-Toed Snake Eagles to Egyptian Vultures, Griffon Vultures and Storks, thousands of soaring birds circle in search of a passage to Africa. Astounding numbers of seabirds fly by, on epic journeys that can be pole to pole. Pipits, Sylvia Warblers, Northern Wheatears and dozens of other songbirds also cross the Sagres peninsula on their way South. And when you least expect it, you spot a true rarity, like a Lesser Spotted Eagle, a Yellow-Browed Warbler or a Red-breasted Flycatcher. For all the birdlovers at the festival, it will be hard to tear their eyes away from the sky!